Dance Lessons 

  We offer private lessons in all the different styles of general social dancing to fit your individual needs.   Learn to dance the basic social dances-Ballroom or Swing in basic to advanced levels. In just a few lessons you'll feel comfortable with your partner and ready to go out on the dance floor.                                                                                        Private Lessons

Private dance lessons are taught one-one with an experienced dance teacher. You my choose  the dance style you want and the lessons are customized to fit your individual needs. With private lessons you can accelerate your learning process & have fun as a dancing as a couple.


    Private Dance Lessons Rates 

  All Lessons are 60 min in length   

4 Lessons: $270

   3 Lessons: $210    

2 Lessons: $140

                  1 Lesson: $75                                

Read Our Customers Reviews 


     "My husband and I are thrilled with our weekly dance lessons with Christine. She has great music, expertise and a fabulous sense of humor! Mu husband was even more excited for the next lesson than I was. Who would have thought? I don't think anyone else would have been able to spark a interest in him" Carlene M

"My husband and I are recently retired and decided to fulfill our dream of dancing together. Christine makes the process of learning to dance fun and easy. She helps you feel confident, relaxed and eager to learn more. We are looking forward to getting our friends involved. Here's to aging gracefully!” Mary G


"Christine did a great job of helping my wife and me fulfill our desire to learn some basic ballroom dance steps so that we could have more fun at weddings and social events where there is a chance to do a little dancing" Jim H


     Private, Group or Party Dance Lessons

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